BMFA Board of Directors and Governing Rules

The BMFA is a volunteer non profit organization whose Board of Directors is nominated and voted for in the spring of each year. If you wish to volunteer or contact us regarding our programs please do so below:


President –Matthew McLeod

Vice President Kim Prangley

Secretary Brian Thompson

Communications Director Johanna Downey 

Social Media & Website – August Hulbert

Director of Coaching – Steven Moore

Flag Football Director Dave Hulbert

Director of Player Development  George Shamoun

Fall Tackle Football Director  Matt Macera

Summer Rep Stampeders Director  Jeff Brock

Fundraising Director  Mike Bragg

Registrar – Season Snyder

Equipment Manager  John Metcalfe

Treasurer Naz Nazari

Past President  Dan Condon

You can contact the Burlington Minor Football Association by:


P.O. Box 62051
Burlington Mall
Burlington, ON L7R 4K2




Any vendor who offers a service to players of the BMFA must provide content via presentation to BMFA board members.

Vendors must comply with BMFA’s core values of community-based football programs.

“To be competitive but having participants enjoying football and learning team spirit through league structure”.

Vendors will agree to provide a funding model back to the BMFA to build future growth of football in our community. Examples could be: percentage of registration fees, profit sharing, sponsorship or gifts in kind.

Vendors must communicate positively when referring to the BMFA, either by spoken word, email or use of social media. Vendors who violate this policy will be unable to bid on BMFA business for 1 year.

Vendors are encouraged to work with BMFA coaches and staff to develop programs of value for out players; however, all programs must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Vendors are urged to work with team managers and coaches to design team swag, but must have Board of Directors approval on logo, colour, wording and garment selection.


BMFA will provide the preferred vendor access to membership, support broadcast messaging and facilitate work with coaching staffs.

BMFA will allow preferred vendor to promote respective programs on our website as well as non-sponsored programs. For example, vendor runs his/her own training facility.

BMFA recognizes the complexities vendors have in providing services in a timely manner especially when it comes to seasonal sports, like football. The BMFA will work towards creating a win-win environment to enhance loyalty and long-term commitments with vendors who align with BMFA’s core values.

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Burlington Minor Football Association


P.O. Box 62051
Burlington Mall
Burlington, ON L7R 4K2

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